Saturday, July 20, 2013

Season Wrap

Today marked the official end of long course practices.  For the majority of the team at least.  We reached a real milestone this season as we send our first swimmers to the YMCA Nationals in Atlanta next weekend. Though I won't be in attendance I still feel the excitement and anticipation that comes with standing on the national stage - the highest competition offered in our league (YMCA).

The ending of the summer season combined with sending our first national swimmers seems to offer the perfect opportunity to reflect on where we've been.

Over 6 seasons completed, swimmers come and gone, coaches come and gone.   Countless memories and friends made.  Going from sending a single swimmer to Zones to multiple swimmers to Nationals.  Our numbers have grown along with out commitment to excellence.  Of course what sticks with me the most are the faces.  Faces of swimmers and parents as we cross paths - travel together and then part ways - both changed by the time spent together.

I am thankful for those changes and those challenges that I've experienced as part of this team.  They've helped me grow as a coach and an individual.  My goal is to provide opportunities for growth and change for those I work with both at the pool and within my practice.  Physical, mental and emotional growth are needed for positive change in athletics - personal health - and community well-being.  We can all help each other and ourselves by being open to the challenges that provide opportunities for such growth.  I hope to be able to continue to bring new ideas and challenges to this team for years to come and look forward to discovering what the next season brings.

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